What is the concept of Coliving and why is it better than the traditional way?

Conventional homes are quickly becoming a thing of the past due to the arrival of Coliving, this new way of life is gaining a lot of popularity with young people since it offers the possibility to socialise with other professionals.

There are multiple benefits to this type of accommodation, and in Valencia you can find the best prices compared to all the other Spanish provinces.

In Valencia, specifically, companies such as Coliving Valencia can offer the best of the best to those who are looking for a space where they can feel comfortable and have the possibility to socialise at unbeatable prices.  

What is Coliving?

The term ‘Coliving’ originated in the year 2000 from the west coast of America. ‘Co’ means together, and so the full phrase means to live together.

It is a cheaper way to rent a living space that is of excellent quality and is aimed at young professionals who want to take advantage of the opportunity to discover new places without giving up anything due to their job position.

This new form has proven to be successful among young people, students, freelancers, and professionals because it encourages socialising while also maintaining a pleasant and new environment. As for the actual rooms, these companies provide the necessities such as furniture, WIFI, and other amenities so nothing is missed.

Coliving is seen as a good alternative since traditional apartments in Spain have risen in price, prohibiting the younger population due to the expense posing economic limitations. 

The difference between traditional apartments and Coliving 

Some of the differences have already been explained previously, but there are more that we should mention to show the advantages Coliving has over traditional apartments.

Traditional rentals

These days, it seems our time is becoming more and more limited, and it is for this reason that we are always in search of quick solutions to our problems. One of the main disadvantages of traditional rentals is the vast amount of time it can take to search in person to find an apartment worth the price. 

In turn, the apartments found at the more affordable prices usually have old architecture and interiors, which can make it practically impossible to get the desired amount of rest before a hectic day as the environment of our room heavily impacts the quality of our rest. 

Another important point is that traditional rentals usually come unfurnished, with no amenities either. This will often be an issue for young people who will then have to spend their precious time organising the move, which in many cases will feel impossible since they do not already have their own household items. 

Now to discuss the rental process; you always need a series of bank documents that include a payroll and guarantee. These requirements often complicate the process even more.

Real estate commission is another problem that comes with traditional rentals, but not with Coliving, as they often require this and other expenses which can be difficult to put together. 

Due to everything mentioned prior, the tenant is either pressured into finding another job to be able to afford all the additional expenses involved in maintaining the traditional rental or must lead a limited life with no disposable income.

Regarding socialising, most people in traditional rentals do not know much about their neighbours as there are no communal areas where they can meet.

Last but by no means least, the contracts for traditional rentals usually are for at least a year which poses two big disadvantages: firstly, if you do not want to stay for a whole year you risk having to pay a fine to settle the contract. Secondly, at the end of the year your landlord can decide not to renew your contract which could leave you without a roof over your head.  

Coliving rentals

Unlike traditional rentals, Coliving rentals give the option to search and reserve places online; this is the case with this Coliving Valencia company, which offers you the best facilities for the best price on the market.

Regarding how the apartments are equipped, they have everything you will need to live comfortably so you will not miss anything during your stay in Valencia. Furniture, utensils, kitchenware… whatever you need Coliving Valencia will give it to you. Concerning the paperwork needed to finalize the rental, one of the main advantages Coliving offers is that you will not need to worry about a payroll, guarantee, or any other bank documents that complicate the procedure. All you will need to do is contact the admissions office and they will tell you the steps you need to follow; there are none of the inconveniences that come with traditional rentals. 

Additionally, you will also have access to the coworking spaces. For example, at Coliving Valencia we maintain spaces that offer the best comfort to young entrepreneurs, professionals, or students so that they can share their knowledge with each other and have the possibility to ignite new projects.

In reference to everything above, our facilities have more than 300 entrepreneurs with the aim of increasing the chances for young people to meet more associates and start big projects.

Finally, rentals like Coliving offer greater flexibility to your payments so you will not be subject to a contract that requires you to stay for at least a year. With Coliving Valencia, payments are made monthly, giving you the choice to decide when you want to leave without worrying about the legal responsibility of having to continue paying.  


The need for young people to find accommodation that is good value for money has made Coliving in Spain gain a lot of traction, and this is no exception in Valencia.

Thanks to the positive results seen from coworking, these coliving rentals are becoming more in demand by people who believe in this new lifestyle.

Finally, if you need an apartment, an office, or both then we welcome you to consider Coliving Valencia as an option since this city has so many different possibilities waiting for you.

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