5 Reasons why you should choose Valencia if you’re a digital nomad

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is growing in popularity thanks to the possibility it brings to frequently travel to different places at different times of the year. If you are from Spain, or plan on coming here in search of new experiences, without losing the stability of your digital work, then it is time for us to show you the 5 reasons why you should choose Valencia.


Less living expenses in comparison to Madrid and Barcelona 

One of the first and most important reasons why Valencia is an excellent choice, instead of the other provinces, is the little living expenses. Let’s start with Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is a beautiful and vibrant city and as the capital of the country, it has a lot to offer. However, the living costs are considerably higher than the rest of the country’s cities.

 For example, the residential areas vary in price depending on location. For centrally located room rentals, these can range in price from around 450 to 700 euros per month. While in the areas further out, these can cost between 280 to 400 euros. As for Barcelona, an incredibly beautiful city with a lot of history, culture and art, the rent prices for flats range between 600 to 800 euros, while the price of a room in a flat can vary between 400 to 600 euros. 

In comparison, in Valencia you can find excellent accommodation prices ranging from 400 to 600 euros in central zones. This will without a doubt offer some economic relief, and as this city has some excellent recreational spaces, it is ideal for digital nomads.

Although these numbers may not be exact, they still offer us a true comparative idea of what the living expenses are in these 3 cities.

A city for the whole year: Winter or Summer? It doesn’t matter

If there is one thing that distinguishes Valencia from the rest of Spain’s cities, it is that you can enjoy all the different activities regardless of whether it is winter or summer. If you decide to go in summer, you have the possibility to bathe in the dazzling Valencian beaches, of which you have the choice between:

  • Playa de la Malvarrosa: it is a beach frequented often by both tourists and locals. The beautiful, golden sand there is bound to have you returning.
  • Playa El Cabañal- Arenas: On this beach you can enjoy shallow waters and an area full of the local culture, which makes this a definitive choice for during your stay.
  • Playa Patacona: If you want a calm environment to enjoy the waves of the sea, then this is an ideal beach for you.
  • Playa Pinedo: This is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Valencia making it an excellent option for you to enjoy.

There are even more beaches in Valencia than these ones, so if we have not convinced you yet, then there are more options for you to choose from. And as for the mountains, if you are someone who loves hiking, you can move through the city and go to, for example, Alto de Las Barracas, Pico Gavilán, Cabezo de las Cruces, etc.


Vibrant community of entrepreneurs 


Putting aside all the city’s tourist sites for a moment, we have to mention that Valencia has one of the best communities for entrepreneurs in the whole country. If your goal is to enhance your knowledge and make connections to help increase your chances to grow in your job, then this community is made for you.  

A clear example of entrepreneurship is the business accelerator and incubator called Lanzadera, an academy located in the centre of Valencia whose objective it is to support up-and-coming entrepreneurships. This platform oversees and guides the new generation of entrepreneurs by offering them the tools to increase their growth.

They offer excellent programmes to boost start-ups by giving them access to classes, talks, training and much more.

Furthermore, you can also find the Demium accelerator that defines itself as the most outstanding accelerator for start-ups in the whole of the Valencian community. It offers programmes designed for new entrepreneurs who want to grow in the market and compete in the world with all the other entrepreneurs.

Both accelerators are well respected in Valencia as their excellent services stand out for effectively helping new entrepreneurs and their projects. Therefore, if you’re planning on staying for a full season in the city, you should take advantage of what these accelerators have to offer.

Perfect combination of life and work: the Turia Park


Working outdoors encourages creativity and helps to keep the mind relaxed while we do our tasks, and as a digital nomad we are sure you know what we are talking about.  

The Turia Garden is an urban park, and it is thought to be the lungs of the city. In fact, it is one of the most visited parks in the whole country because of its deep connection to nature despite being in the centre of the city. 

Therefore, during your stay in Valencia you cannot miss visiting the Turia Park to occasionally work there. 

Valencia aspires to be a 15-minute city


The Valencian authorities are taking the task to make it a 15-minute city very seriously. This proposal was made by Carlos Moreno: urban planner, scientific director and professor of entrepreneurship, territory, and innovation at Sorbonne University in Paris.  

It is a concept that aims to make all necessities a maximum of 15 minutes away from towns. By this, we mean health centres, work, schools, leisure centres and cultural centres

This way, citizens will be able to move around the city by bike or foot. 



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